Award-winning theme backdrops designed for photographers, exhibitions, theatres, special events, theme parties, proms, stage, theater, weddings and dance recitals. Azuri has the finest selection of quality hand-painted scenic backdrops available and purchase anywhere. You may find cheaper backdrops, but you will not find better. Guaranteed!

We specialize hand made,muslin and canvas backdrops of various themes and designs. Our bestseller photography backdrops include scenic, city, photo murals, hand painted scenic, mottle, tie-dye, textures, custom backgrounds, old masters, chroma key backdrops, mill dyed and hand dyed. With team of talented designers, we create scintillating backdrops for professionals in photography industry, theatres, events, exhibitions, weddings, theme parties as well as hobbyists. Over the years we have designed and manufactured hundreds of high quality hand-painted backdrops for clients across the world. We are available to quote on design and production of any custom backdrop to your requirements. Should you be looking for something beyond our current products, feel free to contact our Customer service. We are quite adept at finding new sources to fulfill all of your needs.
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"The Scenic backdrop you designed and provided for our play was a real showstopper - absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for taking the time to plan everything with me. You interpreted and embellished my ideas and the result created a beautiful and dramatic impact on entering the ballroom. I very much appreciated your efficiency, as well as your creativity, during the entire process. It was a pleasure working with you. I certainly plan to use Azuri Backdrops again."

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