Semi Scenic Backdrops
Azuri’s Semi Scenic photography backdrops let you flatter your portrait subject with the perfect background. Carefully designed, these backdrops create very unique striking backgrounds for all your photo-shoots. Used by photographers across the world, a wide variety of semi-scenic backdrops is stunning and creates a unique and restrained effect for your subjects.
Theme: Wall   Theme: Floor   Theme: Frame  
Theme: Landscape
Product Code: Wal 001   Product Code: Flr 001   Product Code: Lsp 003  
Product Code: Frm 001
Theme: Wall   Theme: Architectue   Theme: Architectue   Theme: Old Time
Product Code: Wal 002   Product Code: Arch 001   Product Code: Arch 004   Product Code: Olt 001
Theme: Landscape
Theme: Landscape
Theme: Landscape
Theme: Window
Product Code: Lsp 002
Product Code: Lsp 001
Product Code: Lsp 005
Product Code: Win 001
Theme: Architectue   Theme: Architectue   Theme: Wall   Theme: Scenic City
Product Code: Arch 002   Product Code: Arch 005   Product Code: Wal 003   Product Code: Sct 001
Theme: Desert   Theme: Eclipse
Product Code: Dst 001   Product Code: Ecp 001
Theme: Landscape   Theme: Silhouette
Product Code: Lsp 004   Product Code: Sht 001

"The Scenic backdrop you designed and provided for our play was a real showstopper - absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for taking the time to plan everything with me. You interpreted and embellished my ideas and the result created a beautiful and dramatic impact on entering the ballroom. I very much appreciated your efficiency, as well as your creativity, during the entire process. It was a pleasure working with you. I certainly plan to use Azuri Backdrops again."

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