Scenic Backdrops
Scenic Backdrops provides photographers truly stunning portraits for photo shoots. They come in a variety of designs and paintings with limitless choices. These photography scenic backdrops bring life, color and even glow to any well taken photo. Azuri Scenic Backdrops make an excellent alternative to other cluttered backgrounds that lose their artistic impression due to light quality or distance from the focal point of the picture.
Theme: Nature
Theme: Pristine
Theme: Room with a view
Theme: Stone Meadow
Product Code: Scenic 025
Product Code: Scenic 026
Product Code: Scenic 027
Product Code: Scenic 028
Theme: Evening
Theme: Field
Theme: Medieval Castle
Theme: Elegant Stairs
Product Code: Scenic 014
Product Code: Scenic 017
Product Code: Scenic 024
Product Code: Scenic 013
Theme: Madrid
Theme: Fathom
Product Code: Scenic 022
Product Code: Scenic 015

"The Scenic backdrop you designed and provided for our play was a real showstopper - absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for taking the time to plan everything with me. You interpreted and embellished my ideas and the result created a beautiful and dramatic impact on entering the ballroom. I very much appreciated your efficiency, as well as your creativity, during the entire process. It was a pleasure working with you. I certainly plan to use Azuri Backdrops again."

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