Props are a great and fun way to make any photo look eye-catching. Using Azuri's Photography Props, you can literally transform a picture from dull to fun. In portrait photography, our props can be used in countless ways to add impact to the composition. In spite, the fact that photography props themselves don't not dominate the photograph; they are very essential in creating long lasting impressions. We provide a wide variety of studio props including senior props, posing props, children's props, bench props, amazing studio props for every field of photography.
Hand Painted Scenics

Theme: Evening, Nature

Product Code: Evening001


Theme: Palace, Heritage

Product Code: SSC 6034


Theme: Blue Sea, Nature

Product Code: SSC 6110


Theme: Autumn, Forest

Product Code: SSC 6219


Theme: Heritage, Nature

Product Code: SSC 7001


Theme: Abstract

Product Code: SSC 7002


Theme: Fort, Heritage

Product Code: SSC 6010


Theme: Palace

Product Code:Palace 001


Theme: Palace

Product Code: HP 518

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"The Scenic backdrop you designed and provided for our play was a real showstopper - absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for taking the time to plan everything with me. You interpreted and embellished my ideas and the result created a beautiful and dramatic impact on entering the ballroom. I very much appreciated your efficiency, as well as your creativity, during the entire process. It was a pleasure working with you. I certainly plan to use Azuri Backdrops again."
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