Seamless Photography Paper Backdrops

Azuri Backdrops preferred choice of Professional Photographers now Sells. Savage Paper Backgrounds in India with our handpainted made of muslins. Azuri Paper backdrops are made up of high quality material with a fine tooth non-reflecting surface. They are compatible with a variety of mediums, and are ideal for photo studio backgrounds, display banners for various locations, drafting and decorations. Paper backdrops are available in a large variety of colors and are shipped in forms of paper rolls.

Super White   White
  Fashion Gray
Focus Gray   Stone Gray
  Storm Gray   Gray Tint
Studio Gray   Smoke Gray   Thunder Gray   Charcoal
Blue Jay   Ocean Blue
  Studio Blue
  Gulf Blue
Blue Mist   Ultramarine
  Purple   Primary Red
Bone   Canary
  Deep Yellow   Marmalade
Send   Orange
  Ruby   Coral
Crimson   Tulip
  Tech Green  
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